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The advantages of working with me

Hi, I`m Anastasia Bakss, and I`m a successful fitness trainer
capable of just 21 days to acquire the necessary skills and experience the
real results of the changes with your own body.

Why is me?

Personalised programs

Together with the client is considering ineffective beliefs of individual training programs, developing a personal diet for every day.

More than 1000 success stories

More than a thousand of my clients already have great results.

Constant ONLINE support

24 hours online support!

Many people Object that "I have..."

bad genetics

"I can never be slim (or gain muscle mass) as I have bad genetics"

Thats not really true! All my relatives are obese 100kg + and despite the fact i do have obesity it in my genes - I can beat it! All you need is to make yourself as a priority and to invest some time into yourself!!!

You can follow my easy program that will teach you about your own body and I will empower you with the right exercise and eating habits.

You will see visible improvement in the first 3 days! My program is so effective, you will find it easy to maintain these habits to lead the healthy life you've always dreamed of!

slow metabolism

"I can't look the way I want to look because I have a slow metabolism!" Even those who have a very slow metabolism such as myself have managed to turn it around. My program will give you all the tools you need to have healthy looking and feeling body!

no time

The question isn't about time - we are all given the same amount of time in a day! You should cut the things and people that are toxic and draining in your life and finally make yourself a priority!

I can't have fit a body

Some people go to the gym and exercise but cant reach their goals! Thats all because it can be tough to do it on your own without the correct knowledge! Have you heard that running makes you fat? That saying has some truth in it!

Whether its your first fitness steps or you already have some knowledge your efforts should be successful and i would love to share my knowledge with you! I will be more than happy to teach what really works and what doesn't and what mistakes you should avoid to gain the results you deserve!!!

I have a family (children, husband) that’s why I can’t be slim

Family life is often known to be blamed for extra kg! All you have to do is to eat right and bring healthy habits to your whole family! Fit couples are known for healthy and happy relationships too! When you exercise and eat healthily it improves your bodies,creates a renewed sex appeal and it also boosts your sex drive and relationships overall! Your meals will be your aphrodisiac!

You will find plenty of healthy and tasty recipies in my program!

I can't exercise and eat often because I’m busy with work

My busy life schedule doesn't let me eat often! I can teach how to acquire a healthy habit without changing much in your schedule! It’s a lot easier than you think!

Great journey always begins with the first step.

Let us together will change your life for the

After all I have for you:

Overcoming mental blocks

You always wanted to change something in your life but there were other things getting in your way?

You don't know how to overcome excuses?

I will help you to beat all inner voices and prioritise yourself so you can start living your life at your full potential!

You deserve it!

Your nutrition plan

Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscles your diet (nutritional plan) is 90% of you success! If you want to reach your goal body and keep it for good all you need to learn is how to eat right! It can be easily achieved just by following 4 easy rules!

Personalised exercise program

One training program can't be used for all people as your goals and body type are unique. I create an exercise plan exclusively tailored for you taking into account your needs and preferences.

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    "I can clearly say Anastasia Bakss changed my life she put me in an other level spiritual and mental."

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    "Anastasia pushes you beyond your comfort zone and makes you feel positive with your new body."

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    "I completely recommend Anastasia as a personal trainer."

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    "I’d recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to transform their body in the shortest possible time."

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    "Thank you so so much for helping me reach my goals."

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    "I lost 16 kg! Nastya, thank you very much!"

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    "I lose 2kg in 2 weeks."

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