Power walk before breakfast

I wake up and go for a power walk before breakfast! It makes such a difference to my day!

You should also start your day with cardio excersise (fast walk or run if you like or interval training walk/run/walk/run) on your empty stomach first thing in the morning before breakfast.

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Green tea – is a great way to keep yourself warm this winter!

Green tea is one of my favourite antioxidants after blueberries! As we age, our body’s natural defenses against oxidation, free radicals and oxidative stress become less effective. That’s why researchers believe that a high level of dietary antioxidants can prevent many age-related diseases.

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Nutrition is paramount!

Nutrition is paramount if you want a hot body! At least in my books! There is absolutely no excuse for “grabbing a lunch out” today as you forgot to cook, or over-eating as it’s “just one of those days”! Always have control of your day

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Chicken & Sweet Potato is my favourite pre workout meal

Chicken & Sweet Potato is my favourite pre workout meal Try making these awesome chicken sweet potato cakes Ingredients: – 400g sweet potato – 400g chicken breast – 1 x can 400g chickpeas – 1 chopped onion – 1/2 cup fresh chopped coriander – Macadamia

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Are you ready for your day?

Are you ready for your day? Thanks to my amazing sponsors Flush Fitness I’m even more organized than before! I love my new 6 pack bag to take all my meals with me for the day! It is so convenient and looks awesome!
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