Power walk before breakfast

I wake up and go for a power walk before breakfast! It makes such a difference to my day!

You should also start your day with cardio excersise (fast walk or run if you like or interval training walk/run/walk/run) on your empty stomach first thing in the morning before breakfast.


The reason you do this is because your body will burn stored fat rather than draw on the sugar from your breakfast…this means you will burn fat faster.

So tomorrow you should start with your first specific goal : Im going to dedicate 20 minitues tomorrow (45 min if you can or if you are really driven to achieve your personal best self physique and mind in the shortest time possible) for my precious self!

I deserve to have my own time as when i’m healthy and happy everyone around me will feel happy and healthy.

It’s better to exercise 1 hr a day then to winge 24 hrs why are you not looking at your very best.

Don’t you agree?

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