I met Anastasia in very hard moment of my life last year in july 2013.Instantly was a connection. My confidence was very low as I was not happy with my body and my mind. I looked old and unhappy.

My diet was very poor and very italian – rich of carbs.

As i was noticing the weight in my body was constantly increasing i thought that starving was the best way to lose weight.

I had million excuses to myself not to find the time to excercise. Anastasia put me in back on track and reversed my thinking focusing on the future how i would love to feel and look .”There is a healthy mind in a healthy body and you should treat your body like your temple” she used to say.

We started training in a gym 5 days a week. Anastasia listened to my goals and designed a training program that was aimed to help me to achieve my goals – I wanted to tone up and to loose weight. First of all we adjusted my diet and Anastasia took the time to come to do grocery shopping with me as i had no clue how to change my diet.I tried different trainers in my life but for me they didn’t work as we all are different and their approach towards me was too generic and i didn’t see the results. Anastasia does things very different she takes time to learn the way you think and the way your body work and then elaborates the customised plan that does work effortlessly personally for you!!!

The changing of the diet was a big shock for me but Anastasia was always there for me monitoring and supporting daily my progress via calls and messages and checking on my meals 5 times a day.She taught me to eat every 3 hours.As soon as I changed my diet supported by regular excercise my body started to change ,my mind became more focused and my skin started to improve.Even the acne disappeared and the eyes started looking so much whiter! I even had a lot more energy to run my business- I wasn’t tired as usual!

There is no better feeling than when you wear your clothes and they start to look and feel big.

My confidence came back and kilo after kilo I lost every day i was waking up with a bigger smile.

Here I’m today 10 kilos lighter, happier and sexier, and every day in my life I look at myself with love! I love the way I look! For the first time after a long time this summer I can show off my body without feeling uncomfortable!

She taught me to be strong with my mind and refuse to accept woman’s jealous judgement as well as fat food that is offered by those jealous females without caring of people’s opinion.

It is important to look good for other people but not as important as to look good for yourself.

I can clearly say Anastasia Bakss changed my life she put me in an other level spiritual and mental.

Manuela De Dona

August 2014

Optometrist and fashion stylist business owner

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