My journey


10 years ago, running away from love that didn’t meet expectations, I flew in to the Sydney city which beckoned with its beauty and a far away distance! It seemed to me that I can forget everything from my past life by learning hospitality and adopting new western ways of running the business!

My concepts of health and fitness were true Russian too-starve or follow the soup / pineapple / blood group diets today to look good on a date tomorrow and alcohol and discos and sex combined burn all the calories so I can again eat a cake or two again! No wonder I looked far from being healthy smoking chubby and covered with pimples!

It took me two years to fall in love again, then I got married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter and looked around: I could see the people that run everywhere near the beaches and along all roads days and nights with no excuses!! Sport, proximity of the ocean and the beauty of the new gym attracted me as the lights of Las Vegas!

And I did it, I signed up with a gym and starting loosing money with enviable regularity every week, unlike stubborn extra kilos that stuck tightly around my waist line after giving birth to a baby!

Six months later, I realized that Gym alone might not work for me, and I came up with a solution-3 free sessions with a trainer! I knew if i made an appointment I will show up !!!That’s when I do come! The good thing Fitness First has special children’s rooms, that cost only 2 dollars per hour to look after my baby! And I started training with the coach and enjoyment followed after 2 weeks! Sessions with a trainer were the best investment in myself! I still prefer to invest money in my body (training and good diet can be deer) as then you feel good and confident even naked!!!When I brought home 5 kg of protein powder, my family knew my hobby is serious!

And I started training 3 days per week not knowing how I want to look like -skinny fat look seemed sexy and I honestly believed that from lifting 2 kg dumbbells I’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Thanks God my Personal Trainer understood my thought evolution process and slowly but surely changed my thinking about food and exercise by showing the right way!

I have a very sensitive stomach and inevitably I have been having problems with the food since 16 yo, I had reactions to garlic, onion and skin was covered with never going away pimples .. Dermatologists and allergists prescribed the most expensive creams and pills after a long and exhausting waiting list appointments with them and nothing helped! I still looked chubby and covered in pimples! But I knew and believed that something must change! After 3 years of weight training I got stronger (I could do push ups male style first time in my life aged 26 and I could squat as a sumo wrestler with a40 kg dumbbell). I decided to change the coach and chose the biggest and the most ripped guy! Wow! I thought! If he could sculpt himself so perfectly -he certainly can carve a diamond out of me!

So it happened, he advised me to try to participate in bodybuilding competition in 14 weeks time! If you did not win, he said, then your body will be your trophy! 2 weeks before the event people were clapping when they saw me: wow!! You have changed so much they said! How did you do it??

My skin was without a single pimple and the body looked liked a perfect stone sculpture without a hint of fat!

No hope of winning, I took the 3rd place out of 30 girls despite of all who said that to enter the top five for me is unreal and simply impossible!

And something has changed in me after that, I realized I did not want to be involved in a hotel business at all, I want to be the reason of healthy life style transformations! I know how to do it and want to share my knowledge with everyone who needs it! It will take only 21 days so you can get new healthy habits, learn how your body works, understand it and perpetuate this knowledge for life!

I successfully graduated with honors from the Academy of Institute of Fitness(AIF) along with Michelle Bridges and started a new career as a passionate Personal Trainer when YOUR results do MATTER to me! I developed the training system that guarantees the most effective results in the shortest time! I analyze my clients: their habits, likes and dislikes, patterns and derive a customised individual plan that helps them to achieve their goals!

Of course if you are thrown in deep waters you probably can survive and learn your way to swim but wouldn’t it be nicer to know exactly what you are doing and why?

All my clients send me pictures of what they eat (4-6 p per day!), After we go along on shopping for food for a week! If I can not control what you eat, I can not control your result! If you would like to lose weight or gain weight you need to eat every 3-4 hours, but the time and the quality and the ingredients of your meal do matter!!!!

Why do you need a trainer if you feel you already know everything about whats healthy?

When I ask my obese and anorexic clients what do they eat they all reply one thing- I eat healthy! But guess what ? How you look now is the reflection of your thoughts and daily habits! Are you at your best shape and weight?? Then obviously what you are doing now isn’t bring you the results you deserve to have! And thats where I came into play! I make us work as a team! I become your motivator that makes sure you are on track and not veering off healthy track or giving in to that little procrastinator that lives inside of every one of us! – Your own personal trainer is the person who knows how to properly and with only aim to benefit your health to help you to reach your goal and I guarantee you that at any age you can start looking better than you ever were!

On my website you can see photos of my clients before and after – they not only look slimmer with a better posture, they all look much younger since they started training! Bottoms are tightened up, abs and obliques are finally visible! And what most important gym became their healthy passion and love!

The most important thing is to take the first step! Make an appointment!

Im always learning and educating myself in whats new in the fitness industry and after i completed numerous meditation courses I became a strong believer that your changes start from the way you change your thinking! I keep researching anti ageing techniques and have seen amazing results with quitting foods that age you and eating foods that make you look and feel younger! I can even show you exercises to tighten your neck and face muscles and results are outstanding!!

I help people with obesity and work with people who have high blood pressure and diabetes as well as young aspiring models! After only 2 weeks with me I see they reduce the number of pills they have to take to control their sugar and the improved level of fitness in only 2 weeks is amazing!

I also teach models before runways, castings and bikini competitions how quickly and healthy they can fine tune their body and look like a winner knowing their best pose on stage!

It all starts with your mindset: when you are surrounded by mind alike people who sincerely believe in you and live and breathe fitness-your body has no choice but to change for the better every day! Only in your hands your own happiness – in a healthy body,there is a healthy mind! Your body is your temple!

I am very grateful and thank ASN company, BRASILWEAR, ELLA ROUGE for believing in me! Not stopping there, I use every day to your help more and more people to achieve their goals!

Thank you Australia for a unique opportunity to learn and continue learning every day about what makes people happy healthy and beautiful!


master trainer CERT 3 CERT 4 Personal Trainer

fitness model and bodybuilding competitor

Anastasia BAKSS

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