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Before I designed my 90 day and 21 day transformation programs I was a Guinea Pig myself for a lot of trainers who really didn’t care about what do I do after i spent 1 hr in a gym with them and they didn’t really care what is my personal best and how can i get there! I was lucky to meet 2 people who really made a difference in my mind and body and I decided it was my mission in life- to help as many people as I can to become and live healthy ever after! We all try to be financially fit but its just as important to be physically and emotionally fit also! There is a healthy mind in a healthy body !!

To inspire, to lead the way, to become the reason of a healthy transformation for many people from different part of the world and who speak different languages -thats my reason why I get up every morning at 6 am!

I have learned the hard way by changing different trainers and wasting a lot of money that not everything they say or advertise is good or even healthy for you!
My approach to training YOU will be different from other trainers-as you can see from the testimonials written by some of my clients.

I believe that you must take all aspects into the account such as you emotional state of mind as well as your nutrition and daily exercise complimented by the team work to make the results be consistent and easily achievable!

You can’t have one trainer by the end of your life thats why i consider my role in you life to give you a guidance to a healthy eating that you can keep for life and to teach you how to exercise in the gym or at home that will change your body the way you want it to change!

It doesn’t matter if you want to loose a couple of kg before your modelling competition or if you want to gain muscle or simply loose a lot of weight – I can take you in 90 days to a healthier fitter happier you!!!

It takes 21 days to break a habit and 90 days to secure your gains for life!!!

What can you expect from my 90 days online program:

1. We talk (via Skype or Viber for online clients) about mind set,affirmations and what you can do to stay focused and be on track every day!

2. I take you grocery shopping (literally for one on one clients and via Skype/Viber for online clients)

3. We will talk about your nutrition WHY, WHAT and HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN! Then after we agree on the eating plan that works for YOU I monitor your food daily – you will be sending me pics of everything you eat- If i can’t control what you eat i can’t control the way your body responds! Its only for 90 days to make sure you get things right!!!

4 We talk about exercise – and I customise an exercise plan that works for YOU according to your goals!

5. We celebrate your results weekly!!!

6. We take pics and measurements fortnightly and monitor your daily weight! Its a good way for your to learn your own body!

7. After 2 weeks you will notice changes! It will take 4 weeks for other people to notice! It will take 6 weeks for a big visible change and it will take 21 days to break a habit and beat sugar cravings!!!

Let me be there for you on your road to a NEW YOU!
Yours in health and fitness

Anastasia Bakss

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