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21 day bikini contest preparation


When you go on stage it comes down to your body conditioning, confidence,stage presence when you know how to flaunt your body at its best and stand out from the other competitors ,competition bikini that fits the criteria, perfect tan ,nutrition and sports supplementation as well as training program and your mental focus!

  • Do you know which federation you are best suited for?
  • Are you a fitness or bikini model?
  • Have u noticed the difference?

I assume you would like to win, right?

Then we have to look at your diet now, training regime and elaborate the plan that works for you.

I tried lots precomp diets myself and some of them do more harm than good - just be aware. Always listen to your body. Your periods might stop as well. There are lots of things to consider and the most important thing - you have to make yourself a priority when everyone else can wait!

I believe in a healthy and balanced approach and genuine hard work.

Your stage presence,competitive tan help backstage is also very important - I do cover all the aspects of what competition involves.

If you join my precomp program you will have to be disciplined. I will require you sending me pics of evth u eat ,daily weight Sticking to the training plan. Which is a full commitment Are you ready to give it all to win?

Than we will need Skype/viber interview or one on one - and immediate start!

Our results

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    "Thank you Anastasia, I would never have thought that was possible!"

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    "Thank you Anastasia, I would never have thought that was possible!"

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