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21 day weight loss program challenge


Are you ready to challenge yourself?! Have you tried and failed the diets and gyms? Well there is a challenge for you ...

Commit for 21 days and get your money back when you reach your goal!!!

During the 21 day weight loss programm

We will access you where you are at and where would you like to be when you picture your ideal self. We will identify your goal, current life style and elaborate a program specially for you that will help you to reach your goal in the shortest time and keep your results in a healthy and happy way for life! It should not be a diet it must be a healthy meal plan that you can easily maintain for life!

You will learn your body and how it responds at its best to certain meals and times of its consumption . People are unique and you will know what works for your body type and what doesn't and which diet principles will help you to loose and then maintain healthy weight for life! We also can show you the exercises that can speed up your results - home or gym ( optional) but we guarantee your results even if you just made simple changes in you current diet without exercising. Life is too short not to look the way you deserve to look!

When you apply all the diet and mental principles I'm ready to share with you - your body have no choice but to respond in the way I want it - so u have nothing to loose but your kg!

Your support will be there 4/6 times daily to make sure you are on track!

The desision is yours - are u ready for a new YOU?!


Our results

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    "Thank you Anastasia, I would never have thought that was possible!"

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    "Thank you Anastasia, I would never have thought that was possible!"

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